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HT Suction Cover - Stainless Steel with Polyurethane Lining

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Why stainless steel is better for corrosive mining applications

Unlike BIBO style suction covers which are aluminium bodied, Bartail suction covers are made from stainless steel with a polyurethane lining. Stainless steel is better suited to lasting in highly corrosive environments, such as gold and copper mines. In a recent job, Bartail suction covers were found to be in as new condition after three months of service. The client's BIBO style suction covers were only lasting one month. Read the case study here.

Lined with high-quality urethane specifically for dewatering services

Typical BIBO style suction covers use lighter duty polyurethane which is not suited to harsh conditions. Our high-quality urethane ensures they last longer in corrosive duties.

Designed to be used on BIBO style pumps

Like all Bartail parts, Bartail suction covers are 100% interchangeable with the BIBO style range.