About Us

Our Background

Bartail® was founded in 2017 by a group of engineers and mining professionals who wanted to simplify underground dewatering with more reliable and cost effective dewatering pumps.

We offer a range of high-pressure, severe duty slurry pumps modularised to handle the head and flow requirements of mine shaft dewatering. These pumps are engineered to increase mean time between failures (MTBF) with reduced maintenance and repair costs. They are simple to maintain in place.

Underground dewatering solutions

BTDW Series (Bartail® Dewatering Pumps)

A cost-effective stainless-steel alternative for aluminium BIBO style pumps, suitable for Class 2 applications. Typically found in stopes, pumping to the main transfer dams or hoppers.

MADW Series

Designed specifically for mine-shaft dewatering, the MADW pump is equipped to easily handle amounts and types of solids that regularly damage lesser rivals.

PDDW Series

PDDW Series

Double diaphragm piston pumps for applications requiring higher pressure ratings or to pump ‘Class 4’ dewatered sludge (paste).

HRDW Series

HRDW Series

A tough helical rotor pump for applications with lower flow rates.

BTHP Series

BTHP Series

A stainless-steel high head submersible pump, with all metal wet end, suitable for Class 2 applications. Typically used in stopes where higher pressure than the BTDW is desired.

Part of the 7D Team group of companies

Bartail® is part of the Australian owned 7D Team group of companies. The group work together to provide innovative engineering solutions for the mining and mineral processing industries.

7D Team combines laser scanning expertise with engineering capacity to develop bespoke designs that are both practical and manufacturable.

Laser Scanning Australia specialises in 3D laser scanning to digitise physical environments.

Triple S manufactures slurry equipment including high wearing parts and slurry pumps.