Bartail MADW Mine Shaft Dewatering Pump

Making dewatering more reliable with less downtime

Designed specifically for mine-shaft dewatering, the MADW pump is equipped to easily handle amounts and types of solids that regularly damage lesser rivals. With sustainable solids-handling capabilities up to 400 microns (μm) in a Class 2 slurry application, the MADW pumps are capable of withstanding occasional settling upsets for solids handling up to 50% concentration by weight or 5000μm solids.

Dewatering is more reliable with reduced cost of maintenance. These durable pumps have been engineered to increase meant time between failures (MTBF). They feature an extremely robust design with replaceable wear liners and larger clearances to reduce wear. The patent pending seal chambers are designed to reduce load on seals. All components are designed for easy disassembly and reassembly to dramatically reduce downtime.

Bartail® MADW pump

Bartail® MADW pump

Features and Benefits

Superior performance for light slurry applications

- Up to 12.5% solids by weight (5% solid by volume) continuous
- Specific Gravities to 1.08 continuous
- Nominal particulate sizes up to 400μm
- Occasional upsets to 5000μm particles

Compliant with Hydraulic Institute (HI) Standards for Pumping Solids — less wear, longer life

In HI Service Class 2, solids handing pumps wear rapidly when producing more than 73m head per stage (and on lighter Class 1, no more than 105m per stage). The MADW is carefully modularized to ensure extended MTBF on mine dewatering.

Slurry specific gravity graph

Bartail® materials for underground dewatering

  • Many hard rock mines extracting copper, nickel, cobalt and gold are sourced from volcanic deposits with high levels of sulphides which mixes with salty water rich in chlorides. The result is acidic mine water with pH levels as low as 3.6 being recorded. Common metal pump parts, as Ductile Iron, Cast Iron, Aluminium, and 27% Chrome White Iron, are NOT intended for low pH (acidic) duties. Bartail’s proprietary WI49 duplex white iron was developed to handle both the entrained solids and corrosion needs. It outlasts!


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