Fibre Guard Pump Sock
Fibre Guard Pump Sock

Fibre Guard Pump Sock

Bartail Pumps
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The Bartail® Fibre Guard Pump Sock is an ingenious and simple way to prevent unwanted contaminants and fibrous materials from entering your pump and damaging the wet end.

Features & Benefits

  • Excellent water and air flow
  • Easily retro-fitted to existing submersible pumps in the field
  • Simple Stainless Steel cam-buckle tightening strap means no tooling required for installation or removal
  • Strong sewn in plastic hard base for added rigidity
  • Excellent strength and superior tear resistance
  • UV resistant
  • For 8 - 20kW pumps
  • Fits up directly to Flygt® BS series BIBO’s increasing longevity and reducing downtime

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