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HT Diffuser - 316SS Stainless Steel with High Quality Urethane

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Stainless steel for longer wear life

Bartail diffusers are made with stainless steel skeletons, unlike BIBO style diffusers which are constructed with aluminium. This enables them to last in highly corrosive conditions. See our case studies here.

Lined with urethane which has been specially formulated for dewatering services

Our diffusers are lined with a special grade of urethane which has been formulated to last in highly corrosive applications, like underground dewatering. Furthermore, Bartail diffusers can be relined, unlike BIBO style diffusers which must be thrown away in the Australian and US markets.

Interchangeable with BIBO style pumps

Upgrading is easy as Bartail diffusers fit into BIBO style pumps including 5kW, 8kW, 20kW, 37kW and 90kW.