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Oil Housing - Stainless Steel with Polyurethane Lining

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Stainless steel construction for improved reliability

Bartail oil housings are made from stainless steel rather than aluminium which is standard for BIBO style oil housings. Stainless steel is far better suited to corrosive environments found in many copper, gold and silver mines, as it does not corrode as quickly as aluminium.

In a recent case study, our oil housing was found to be in an unscathed condition despite being in service for 3 months in a site where BIBO style parts were struggling to last 1 month. Read the full case study here.

Lined with high-quality urethane formulated for dewatering services

Our specialised urethane lasts longer than lighter duty urethanes. Bartail oil housings can be relined locally, unlike BIBO style parts which must be thrown away.

Can be used with BIBO style pumps

Bartail oil housings are 100% compatible with BIBO style pumps, making upgrading simple.