Bartail Pumps F8-086 8kW STRAINER

Strainer - Stainless Steel with Shock Absorbing Polyurethane

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The advantages of stainless steel in hard rock mining

Stainless steel is ideal for highly corrosive environments, where pH levels are low such as hard rock mining. Typical BIBO style strainers are made from galvanised steel, which corrodes quickly if exposed to low pH levels. Bartail strainers are long lasting in the corrosive environments typical of underground mines. To find out why, take a look at our case studies here.

Shock-absorbing polyurethane can be relined

Our service centres can reline the polyurethane when required, saving you significant maintenance costs. BIBO style strainers are easily corroded and must be discarded in the Australian and US markets after use.

Interchangeable with BIBO style submersibles

All Bartail DW parts can be used with BIBO style pumps.